Steam vent silencer

Steam vent silencer



Noise is common when working with vents. What if this noise can be reduced to a minimum? We are working towards a quieter industrial environment.

With our steam vent silencers, you can experience a serene surrounding. Opening vents can cause noise up to 150-160 dB (A) and might cause hearing damage to the operator and noise pollution for the environment is inevitable. In addition, strict limitations on noise production are imposed. Furthermore, you’re creating a safer work environment when using a quality and sustainable vent silencer.

Solving complex problems

Different demands require different specifications. With our extended experience, we can help you solve your complex noise pollution problems by turning extreme demands into practical solutions. Our goal is to be leaders in our field; our success has been proven in the past 35 years. If you qualify within the requirements, Q.E.I. can help you with your custom made steam vent silencer.

Applicable regulations and design codes differ from one another. All our components are calculated and subjected to internal pressure. Construction and compliance are dependable on the applicable Pressure Vessel Code for the district or industry of your operations.

Available steam vent silencers

Standard silencers:

Q.E. standard steam vent silencer economically priced in carbon steel (internally and externally) with absorption material in mineral wool. The exterior is particle-based to SA 2 ½ and coated with 40 micron DFT of zinc rich prime paint.

Custom designs:

Q.E. is also specialised in designs of silencers to comply with customer specifications. Our experience is at your disposal in solving complex noise problems and in the translation of extreme demands into practical solutions. Our continuing drive to be leaders in our chosen field is evidenced by the successes that we have demonstrated.

About Q.E. International

Q.E. International has demonstrated to its loyal and satisfied clients that it is the partner in solving industrial noise problems, and we can perform the same services for your organisation. In design, production and supply of a steam vent silencer we are the world leading company.