About us

About us

Q.E. International (Q.E.I.) was established in 1979.

Q.E.I. is the expert on working towards a quieter and safer industrial environment.  With innovative solutions in the field of noise, vibration and pulsation, Q.E.I. sets a higher standard than the competition. Solving a broad range of noise pollution issues worldwide built the reputation suitable for an international organisation. Custom products ensure that the noise pollution problems are dealt with in an adequate manner. Our knowledge is broad and safety is important. Q.E.I. helps your company with handling precision equipment, calculations, legal requirements and mandatory approval.

Together, we are working on a quieter durable industrial environment.  

We create value through:

  • expertise
  • quality
  • experience

In April 2019, Q.E. International B.V. was acquired by The Axces Group.
The official company name after this point will become Axces Steam and Flow Control B.V. while the trade name will remain Q.E. International.

For more information on The Axces Group, please visit: http://www.axces.com