Metal expansion joint bellow
Metal expansion joint bellow
Metal expansion joints bellows


Known for several decades in the industrial insulation market world-wide IZOLER insulation covers.

The flexible insulation covers have found their applications in almost all sectors of the industrial construction, industrial installations, ship building and repair industries. Our covers can be used for the insulation purposes on:

  • ships
  • power / heating plants
  • oil refineries
  • industrial plants and facilities
  • food-processing plants
  • mining industry
  • drilling platforms
  • and many other industrial facilities

Our products protect installations from heat loss, against fire, atmospheric conditions, they also provide personnel protection against direct contact with high-temperature equipment and exposure to harm caused by noise. They can be applied on valves, flange connections, vessels, tanks, ducts, boilers, furnaces, noise attenuators, mufflers, heat exchangers, manifolds, turbines, etc. Among many benefits of using our covers are:

  • easy assembly and dis-assembly process
  • maximum adjustment to the equipment's shape 
  • multi-use ability

The covers can be applied for the working temperatures of up to 1000 deg C! They are always custom-designed and manufactured in multiple insulation materials' configurations and with wide selection of the cover types (technical fabrics). We are able to design and fabricate any given shape ensuring optimum insulation performance. Our products are manufactured in a modern and computerised facility where we pay a lot of attention to detail and quality check combined with high awareness of the work health and safety issues.

We are very excited about taking on new challenges - many of our products have found their application where the traditional insulation did not meet our customers' expectations. Our experience and achievements speak for themselves - several thousands of various insulated types of equipment on the oil rigs, refineries, power plants, industrial and food-processing plants, ships, etc. It is important to mention that our mattresses come certified as ready-made products and are manufactured with the use of internationally-attested materials.

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