The process industry uses many regulating and control valves to control pressures and flows. Noise can be an unwanted by-product when using valves .

In the piping this can attain 150/ 160 dB(A) thus forming a serious nuisance. Hearing damage and general discontent when the valves operate during the night are the results. By placing an in-line dampener directly after the valve the noise can be treated to acceptable levels.

High quality in-line dampeners from Q.E.I.

Q.E.I. has been at the forefront of the design, fabrication and supply of high quality in-line noise dampeners for many years. In addition to a standard range of dampeners, Q.E.I. has an engineering group specialised in producing solutions for each specific application. We are able to help you apply the optimum solution to your problem.

Principles of operations 

Our in-line dampener can comprise of an inlet diffuser zone, an expansion zone and an acoustic absorption zone, all arranged along a single axis. The diffuser zone conditions the flowing medium so that the noise spectrum and fluid pressure are optimised for the absorption zone. The expansion zone provides a randomisation of the noise characteristics to increase the efficiency of the absorption zone. Noise is attenuated by friction across the fibers and the energy is being dissipated as heat energy in the absorption zone. Diffuser design, arranged for staged pressure drop and precise noise control, permit the dampener to accept high inlet pressure. The noise radiated by the control valve is attenuated by reducing velocities within the valve body.

Custom-built units 

Individually designed and fabricated to meet the specific requirements of the plant. The expertise that we have gathered has contributed to the leading position of Q.E.I. within the industry. Our motto is “To go beyond the point where others stop” and this has been demonstrated many times.