Metal Expansion Joints


Pipework and ducting systems in industrial environments can be damaged, stressed and fatiqued due to thermal expansion, pressure, vibrations, misalignments id.

Unless these effects of those instabilities are neutralised or eliminated at source. This will be achieved by installing metal expansion joints at points in the system where such axial -, angular -, lateral movements and stresses are generated. Metal expansion joints provide this flexibility which is required for a safe and maximum service life. They are suitable for all kinds of products: liquid, gaseous, hot air, powdered, granular id. Q.E. International offers special versions for severe-service applications, particularly those in which corrosive, toxic, caustic or hightemperature products are being transferred. Metal expansion joints can be customized to ensure they perform up to or exceed your expectations for your special application. Q.E. International can offer a wide range of options such as: double bellows, tie rods, hinges, internal sleeve, outside protective cover id.


Sales programme:

Axial expansion joints

Lateral expansion joints

Angular expansion joints

Universal expansion joints

Exhaust expansion joints

Clamshell expansion joints

Cpl. engineered expansion joint pipe systems



Steel works

Power plants

Petrochemical plants

Chemical plants


Paper Industry

Process technology

Gasturbine systems

Diesel engine installations



Technical data:


Operating pressure

Operating temperature 

: from DN 15 up to > DN 6000

: from vacuum up to 200 bar

: from - 180°C up to + 600°C



Stainless steel




Carbon steel

and other materials to customers specification



The metal expansion joints are available with following endconnections:

butt weld ends, flanges, lapjoint flanges and special designed endconnections to customer specification.