Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


Strive to be the expert in the field of noise, vibration and pulsation. More than 35 years of experience has evolved into more innovative solutions and raising the bar of the competitors. We are providing the best results through custom-made products.


Our goal is to create a carefree, helpful and understanding environment for our customers. Expect nothing less than the best quality, attention and expertise. Our motivation is to deliver excellence through our experience. We thrive to establish a long-term relationship with all of our customers.


Q.E. International goes further than employment. We want to become a part of our employees’ lives. Giving employees a familiar place where they can feel at home and encouraging them to reach their goals and career opportunities. Working is not only about safety, professionalism and dedication to our customer. We love what we do and that joy reflects on our employees.


We always select our suppliers carefully therefore, we only work with the best in the industry. Our suppliers are encouraged to be creative and innovative and to work on building a long-term relationship with us. That is why we are able to ensure quality and dedication to our customers.


The environment is one of our most important responsibilities. A safer and healthier environment is our goal and we are working towards that on a daily base. Therefore, we committed ourselves to the strict environmental rules of ISO 14001.


Quality means a lot to us. We are proud that we hold various certificates, which demonstrate how important quality standards are for Q.E. International. A result of this is that we are considered a pioneer in the market.